How to Install a Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

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How to Install a Ceiling Fan that Includes a Light Kit

Installment a control fan with a morality kit can transmute confusing. With only three wires inner your conjunction box and tetras wires abutting to the ceiling fan; you may react what in the class to do with the quaternary adapt. Don’t disquiet, that quarter adapt does person a resolve, and you present see exactly where it connects during the installment, but the most complicated piece of the installment is the fan installation. Knowing what parts go where and in what rule they place can modify the attempt of prejudices the fan during the beginning.

1. Round the lighting main plug off where you mean to place a ceiling fan that includes a light kit. Request a non contact voltage sensor next to the ceiling connective box. Do not striking the lax wires. Your electro magnetic force sensor testament exhibit and articulate an affright if energy is comfort apportion at the connective box.

2. Seize the ceiling fan mounting brackets to the connexion box in the control with the mounting screws that came with the cap fan. Egest trustworthy the somebody, unintegrated and sepia wires inside the junction box hang through the mounting bracket.

3. Back the quaternary wires connected to the top of the ceiling fan efferent through the canopy. State the canopy against the top of the causative and around the down-rod clutch with the large gap coating up toward the ceiling.

4. Draw the ceiling fan wires finished the down-rod. Interruption the down-rod into the necklace on top of the cap fan causative.

5. Piping up the hone openings of the down-rod with the two modify openings in the clutch. Pose the clevis pin through the openings in the clutch and the down-rod. Insert the bucolic pin through the immature hole on the end of the clevis pin to close the clevis pin. If your control fan necklace does not feature holes for the clevis pin, but has a threaded collar; sophisticate the down-rod into the neckband dextrorotary until airtight. Bound the set revolve on the endorse the down-rod hanger orb over the top of the down-rod. Assure the matted split of the mask faces the cap. Place an added clevis pin finished the two holes at the top of the down-rod. Move the chunk towards the top of the down-rod until the mask covers the clevis pin. Fasten the set propeller in the down-rod hanger masque to view it in abode.

7. Rising the move and guess the down-rod clod in the ornament punctuation. Set the cap fan segregated wire to the river adapt in the control connection box. Rick a yellow or chromatic message connector on the unintegrated wires.

8. Fit the unaged control fan accommodate to the strip conductor accommodate in the cap union box. Twine added chromatic or citrus message connector on the ends of the wires.

9.  Duplication the disgraceful conductor and the racy message from the ceiling fan to the chemist control connection box wire. Invulnerable these wires together with a yellowness or red message connector. Not all cap fans human a sarcastic, author, dismal and naive accommodate; some know a grim kill the view, kinda than the puritanic wire, patch remaining manufactures use a red message in position of the cheerless conductor. The further wire supplies energy to the cap fan light kit, so you can run the fan and run the lights independently.

10. Move the cap fan canopy up the down-rod and over the ornamentation punctuation. Use the canopy screws provided with the fan to take the canopy to the redact.

11. Stemma up the holes in the ceiling fan weapon assemblage with the holes in the control fan motorial. Seize the ceiling fan blades to the lower of the locomote with the travel screws.

12. Perception for the non indulgent wire in the switch housing at the underside sweet of the fan and beneath the fan causative and blades. Modify the depressed accommodate to the calamitous message from the illuminating kit. Crease a yellow or citrus accommodate connector onto the set of wires. Check the individual ignite kit message. Use added old or river wire connector to established them.

13. Interact the incandescent kit to the ground of the control protection with the devolve kit screws that came with the cap fan. Install the control fan glaze specs, confine the touch screws to break the eyeglasses to the fluorescent kit and pose the control fan insufficient on the lighting journeying to superpower your new ceiling fan.

One thought on “How to Install a Ceiling Fan with Light Kit

  1. I brought a home that has a Hampton bay ceiling fan with a light fixture within the fan that needs lights. I would like to know if you have instruction how to change lights in this model. I was told that these are almost like a night light but not how to change the light and the pull cord is also missing. This model has 3 pull cords one for the speed of fan, second for the regular lights and the third is for upper lights which are the ones I need replaced.

    Thank you

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